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By entering the information in the form found at the bottom of this webpage, you are agreeing that this is a legally-binding document that states the terms and conditions of the agreement between instaSod.com, Inc. (hereby “The Professionals”), and yourself, the person whom fills out such form (hereby “The Client”).

Throughout these Terms & Conditions, the proposal document(s) that The Client received via email are oftentimes referred. By entering the Proposal Number that can be found at the top of the specific proposal that you're agreeing, The Client agrees that the content found in that specific document is correct (hereby "Client's Proposal").





The location at which The Professionals shall complete The Services (Section 5) is occupied at the street address (hereby "The Property”) that is listed at the top of the Client's Proposal.

The Client warrants and represents that he or she either owns The Property or holds the authority to engage The Professionals for The Services (found in Section 5) requested on The Property.




The Professionals shall perform The Services (found in Section 5) on the scheduled installation days (hereby "The Term"), which have been digitally, permanently recorded via email. The Client understands that The Term is technically tentative, and has the capacity to fluctuate by plus/minus (7) business days.

 Although The Professionals strive to reduce The Term's fluctuation as much as possible, these occasional schedule disturbances are most commonly caused by inclement weather and/or unexpected occurrences with previous projects.




The Professionals shall both complete the list of services and provide the list of products that can be found in the "Personalized Pricing Quote" section of the Client's Proposal. This itemized list shall hereby be referred to as "The Services."

The Professionals agree to complete The Services according to professional standards, collegiate recommendations, and safety guidelines.




In consideration of The Services, The Client shall compensate The Professionals with the Grand Total (hereby "The Compensation") that can be found in the "Personalized Pricing Quote" section of the Client's Proposal. The Grand Total is due upon the same day that The Services are completed.

If the total of The Compensation is $5,000+, then a retainer payment of one-third The Compensation shall be due (4) business days prior to the first day of The Term. The other two-thirds of The Compensation shall be due upon proper completion of the Landscaping Services.

If the total of The Compensation is $10,000+, then the one-third retainer is still applicable. Additionally, if the total falls into this category, then The Professionals reserve the right to request another one-third payment when 70%+ of The Services have been completed. If this is the case, then as usual, the final one-third payment shall be due upon 100% completion of the project.

The Client agrees that for each week that The Compensation is late, a late fee shall be added to The Client's invoice. This late fee adds 10% of the Grand Total per week that The Compensation is late (not compounded).




In the case that The Client would like to cancel or terminate this contract prior to completion of The Services, and after signing this agreement, then the total amount that will be due will be equal to the amount of labor that was already completed, plus the total value of sod, plants, materials, etc. that would be necessary for the complete installation in its entirety. However, if this is the case, then The Client forfeits both that financial compensation and also ownership of that sod, those plants, materials, etc.




The Client shall be responsible for the following, to ensure that The Services are sufficiently & safely performed:

  • Accurately apprise The Professionals to the property lines of The Property to ensure that The Professionals do not encroach on any third party’s property.

  • Alert The Professionals about any underground irrigation systems,  underground electric dog fences, landscape lighting wiring, or anything else that may be damaged by machinery during the installation process. (This does not include underground utilities, as that is addressed in The Professional's Responsibilities).

  • Any damage that's caused to an in-ground irrigation system, underground electric dog fence, landscape lighting/wiring, drip-line system, or main water line to the home will be repaired at the expense of the homeowner. It should be noted that The Professionals absolutely do not intend to cause damage, but sometimes it happens, even to the best of us: it's part of the industry.




In performing The Services, The Professionals shall also be responsible for the following:

  • On the common occasion that digging or rototilling is required, they will request from Georgia’s Call-Before-You-Dig Line that the subsurface utility and service lines be marked with spray paint and flags. This includes examples such as, but are not limited to: electrical, telephone, gas lines, and county water pipes (i.e.: Atlanta Gas Light, AT&T, Comcast, City of Cumming Water/Sewer, and Suwanee EMC). This does not include the main water line that runs from the county water lines to The Client's home or building.

  • Obtaining any necessary permits to perform the Landscaping Services

  • Oversight of the materials to be purchased to perform the Landscaping Services

  • Maintaining proper safety protocols during the completion of The Services

  • If the project requires more than one day to complete, then it is The Professional's responsibility to provide The Client with an end-of-day progress update (if The Client requests that this be done).

  • Clean the property by removing all debris after performing the Landscaping Services. On the occasion that pressure-washing might be needed to thoroughly return The Property to its original state, pressure-washing is an optional add-on for The Client, and would incur additional costs.




The Client hereby authorizes The Professional to take photographs and/or videos of the Client’s property (before, during, and after) for the use of promoting The Professional's services at The Professional's discretion. The Client grants The Professional the sole right in the intellectual property of any such photographs and/or videos.