Rental Irrigation Program: An Original


Why is's Rental Irrigation Program so popular?

During its first few months, freshly installed sod is tremendously thirsty. If it is not adequately & consistently irrigated, then it will die. Instead of being burdened with the overwhelming responsibility of waking up every morning to water your new lawn for 6-8 weeks, we can setup our automated Rental Irrigation System. It makes this process truly hassle-free.

Obviously, if the homeowner has a fully-functioning, automatic, in-ground irrigation system, then this program would be unnecessary. However, this is an extremely useful & unique program for those who are without such a system. 

What are the benefits?


Our program is a fraction of the cost of purchasing new hoses, timers, & sprinklers. Most people don't have the need to own, for example: seven sprinklers, eight hoses, & two hose timers. For large projects, we provide a proportionate quantity of hoses, timers, & sprinklers to ensure full coverage to your new lawn. Additionally, it'll save you from costly mistakes, such as accidentally leaving the sprinkler on all day!


Depending on how many hoses & sprinklers you own, and depending on how many pallets of sod were installed, the time spent fiddling with everything starts to add up really quickly! Wake up, turn the sprinkler on for (45) minutes, turn it off, move the sprinkler about twenty feet away, turn it on for (45) minutes, rotate it to make sure you're getting maximum coverage, keep your eye on it, rotate it a smidge to get it just right, go back inside, come back outside after (45) minutes, or has it been (60) minutes? Then do it all over again tomorrow... for nearly two months. And who's going to water the lawn when you go on vacation with the family?


Irrigating a lawn is most effective when done in the early morning so that the grass can drink the water before the sun has a chance to steal it. Not 9am, but more like 4am. You may consider yourself an early bird, but why willingly go through the chore of waking up even earlier to water the new lawn?


Am I over/under watering? Did I forget to turn off the sprinkler this morning? Did my husband/wife water the lawn like he/she said they would? Did I water 100% of the lawn already today, or was that yesterday? All of these worries, and more, will not exist if you choose to use our Rental Irrigation Program.

How does this program work?

Phase 1: Configuration

After your new sod has been installed, if you choose to utilize this program, then we will setup an interconnected series of timers, hoses, sprinklers, and adapters. Everything will be arranged in a customized configuration to ensure that 100% of your new lawn recieves irrigation.


Phase 2: Automation

Every morning, one overhead sprinkler at a time, the system will automatically irrigate your lawn. For nearly the next two months, you don't have to worry about over-watering, under-watering, nor waking up even earlier every morning to manually adjust the sprinkler.


Phase 3: Finalization

After (6-8) weeks, depending both on the amount of recent natural rainfall and on the time of the year in which the sod was installed, we'll return to collect our irrigation equipment. By that time, the roots of the sod will have satisfactorily sunk themselves into the soil and will no longer need artificial rainfall.

Prices & Rates: Rental Irrigation Program

(1) Pallet | $0.15/sq. ft. | $75

(2) Pallets | $0.12/sq. ft. | $120

(3) Pallets | $0.10/sq. ft. | $150

(4) Pallets | $0.09/sq. ft. | $180

(5) Pallets | $0.08/sq. ft. | $200

(6) Pallets | $0.07/sq. ft. | $210

(7) Pallets | $0.065/sq. ft. | $225

(8) Pallets | $0.06/sq. ft. | $240

(9) Pallets | $0.055/sq. ft. | $245

(10+) Pallets | $0.05/sq. ft. | $250+