Snap | Size | Submit


  • SNAP a few photos of the area(s) of your property where you'd like to have freshly installed sod.
  • SIZE up your lawn's dimensions with any household tape measure, and round to the nearest (500) square feet.
  • SUBMIT to us your photos, measurements, and contact information by visiting our mobile-friendly, simple Uploads page.

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Receive | Review | Ratify


  • RECEIVE a professional, digital proposal from us via email.
  • REVIEW the details of the proposal to ensure that we're on the same page, and discuss it with any other decision-makers, such as your spouse. Please don't hesitate to reach out to ask as many questions as you'd like.
  • RATIFY our proposal by requesting to digitally sign a Scope of Work Agreement (also known as an "S.O.W.").

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Preparation | Installation | Irrigation


  • PREPARATION of the soil is the most time-consuming stage of any sodding project. Feel free to check out our 12-Step Sod Installation Tutorial.
  • INSTALLATION of the sod requires physical endurance & a keen eye.
  • IRRIGATION on a consistent schedule is undeniably, unquestionably, and undoubtedly the most vital stage of this process. We can help by offering our Aftercare & Maintenance Guides and our Rental Irrigation Program (found at the bottom of the page when clicked).

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1. SNAP | Snap, Size, Submit: it's simple to secure savings.



Using your smart phone, SNAP a few photos and/or videos of the area where you'd like sod installed. Try to get some perspective shots so we can clearly see the site. Typically, 3-5 photos is a good number.

upload your photos



Grab your handy tape measure from your tool box so you can measure & SIZE the area to calculate how many square feet of sod you'd like. Round to the nearest (500) square feet because we install sod on a per-pallet basis.

measurements FAQ's



SUBMIT this information using our simple online form: upload your photos, input your measurements, & answer a few basic questions. By completing this step yourself, you're helping to cut costs, save money, & learn more about the process.

Submissions: Upload your photos

2. OBTAIN | Receive, Review, Ratify: using your submission, we'll send your proposal via email.



Based on the photos and information that you've submitted, you'll RECEIVE a customized, digital proposal via email. It'll consist of some digital renderings of our recommendations, the associated costs, and the next steps to move forward with hiring our company. If you've provided us with your mobile phone number, then we'll send you a text confirmation to let you know that your proposal has been sent via email. We can even text you a link to the file's Cloud location if you'd like!



Take your time to carefully REVIEW your project proposal. Don't forget to discuss the content of your proposal with any other "decision makers" (i.e.: your spouse). If you have any questions or concerns, then please don't hesitate to reach out - we're here to help!



When you feel you've thoroughly reviewed your project proposal and you've asked all the questions you can think of, it's time to RATIFY (or, approve) our proposal. Upon doing so, we'll schedule your project & send you a Scope of Work Agreement, which can be digitally signed with your computer or smart phone.

3. DONE | Preparation, Installation, Irrigation: the three stages we observe when installing sod.



The most time-consuming stage of any successful sod installation is properly PREPARING the soil beneath where the sod will be laid. It's a rigorous process: check out our Sod Installation Tutorial, which explains our team's proven protocol for installing sod!'s complete guide to installing sod in the southeast



Failure to follow each collegiately-recommended step for INSTALLING sod can be devastating to the long-term results of one's hard work. If the correct products & procedures are not carefully observed, then one will unfortunately be left with rectangular pieces of lifeless grass, a skinnier wallet, and an excess of frustration and agitation.'s video guide to installing sod



It is critically important that the homeowner IRRIGATE the new sod, as described in our Aftercare & Maintenance Guides, which are even available for download. Alternatively, you may choose to utilize our Rental Irrigation Program (found at the bottom of that link's page).

aftercare & maintenance guides

Still have questions?

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