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What should I expect on the day of installation?

1 . Walkthrough


First and foremost, you'll spend about fifteen minutes with your project manager. He or she will walk the project site with you to ensure that both parties are on the same page. White lines will be painted, sprinkler heads will be flagged, and the underground utilities will be assessed (at this point, the underground utilities will have already been located by Georgia's Call-Before-You-Dig service). Depending on the project, we may ask that you park your car on the street.

2. Site Preparation


We'll have some heavy machinery running to properly prepare the ground for your new sod to thrive. Following professional and collegiate guidelines for installing sod, we'll ensure that each step is thoroughly completed before proceeding to the next step. It's quite the process - feel free to ask your project manager about how and why certain steps are completed.

3. Sod Installation


Depending on the size of the job, the pallets of sod either will be picked up that morning with our truck & trailer or it will be delivered that day with a tractor-trailer & forklift. Only after the ground has been satisfactorily prepared and leveled will the first pieces of sod be laid. The pieces of sod are guaranteed to be healthy when installed.

4. Irrigating Your Lawn


It's critically important that we irrigate the sod immediately upon installation, so please ensure that we have access to the irrigation control panel, or hose spigots. If you don't have an irrigation system, you should consider our Rental Irrigation Program to make things easier on yourself for the next few months. Daily irrigation can be a cumbersome responsibility, but we make it easy by offering this add-on service: we'll setup an automated series of hoses, timers, and sprinklers to automatically water your lawn each morning, and will come pickup our irrigation products after 6-8 weeks.

5. Follow-Up


When everything is cleaned & completed, your project manager will again walk the site with you to review the work that's been completed. He or she will explain that an Aftercare Guide will be sent to you via email to describe how to properly take care of your new lawn. We'll call you one week after installation, one month after installation, and three months after installation to ensure that everything is still doing well.

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Is there a guarantee on instaSod.com's installed sod?

Green & Healthy


The industry standard for sod installations is that there is a limited warranty on the sod: "When installed, we guarantee that the sod will be healthy & green." However, instaSod.com takes it several steps further.

In addition to our Investment Protection, our Aftercare & Maintenance Guides, and our Rental Irrigation Program option, we'll replace up to (5) pieces of sod, for each pallet installed, free of additional charges, up to (30) days after the completion of your installation. Usually, if a piece or two dies off before it has time to successfully root itself, it's due to incomplete irrigating: it's critically important to ensure that your irrigation regimen is watering 100% of your new sod.

Investment Protection


However, instaSod.com takes it a few steps further by guaranteeing that it's been installed according to our professional guidelines for installing sod. Most company's don't have strict installation guidelines to ensure that:

✔The soil has been properly prepared. Any rocks, small roots, & debris have been removed from the soil. Any large roots have been covered with soil before the sod has been laid atop. The ground has been perfectly smoothed and graded to properly move water runoff when it rains.

✔The soil has been properly amended and fertilized. A 3-month bug barrier has been spread to prevent insect damage.

instasod.com's Sod Installation Guidelines

Aftercare & Maintenance Guides


We guarantee to always have accurate, up-to-date information in our Aftercare & Maintenance Guides, which meticulously describe the necessary actions that must be taken to successfully mature your fresh sod to a lush lawn. These species-specific documents explain how to take care of your new grass for the first two months, and even continue into great lengths about how to maintain your lawn for many years to come! Additionally, if you don't have an automatic, in-ground irrigation system, then we can set you up with our Rental Irrigation Program (found at the bottom of the page after clicking that link).

Aftercare & Maintenance Guides

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Inclement Weather: How Does instaSod.com manage it?

Weather Forecasts


It's just a part of our industry: our schedule is affected by natural weather occurrences. However, by keeping up-to-date on the most recent weather forecasts, we can more smoothly conduct business. We've learned that it's best to acknowledge future weather forecasts, but not to make any scheduling adjustments and/or project postponements until 24-hours before your scheduled installation.

Something to also consider is that sometimes we'll have to cancel (or shorten) a work day even though it's not actually raining. If it's been exceptionally rainy for a few days, then sometimes the ground can be so saturated with water that we'd only make a muddy mess if we tried to prepare soil and install sod. If you've never tried to do so, it's truly a nightmare!

Smart Scheduling


Our installation schedules are booked on a Monday through Friday basis, keeping Saturday readily open & available in case we have to miss a day during the week due to inclement weather.

Even using this technique, there are obviously some occasional weeks when we are forced to miss two, or sometimes even three days during the week due to inclement weather. Because that is sometimes the case, we have a handful of experienced team members who are on our on-call schedule to avoid that week's schedule unfortunately being forced into the following week. We do all that we can to meet (and exceed) our clients' expectations.

Communication. Communication. Communication.


We place a premium on consistently communicating with our clients. If your installation day is going to be affected, or if it will possibly be affected, by inclement weather, then we'll let you know! We demand steady contact from the members of our team, and if it's the week of your installation, then we consider you part of the team! We'll notify you via your preferred method-of-communication (i.e.: phone call, email, text, etc.)  of any updates, changes, or modifications to the schedule due to inclement weather. Our Contact Information is always available to you, too - we like hearing from you!

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How do I pay instaSod.com for completing my project?

Invoice via Email


When your project has been completed, you’ll receive an email through our online accounting software from Ryan.Zernach@instaSod.com. This email will contain a clickable link, which will allow you both to view an itemized breakdown of your Grand Total and to enter your preferred payment information.

Online Payments


After clicking the link in that email, you'll notice that we accept many online payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, or even online bank transfers! If needed, you can partially pay with one method and pay the rest with another. All of these mathods are completely free of any surcharges.

Manual Payments


Alternatively, you may choose to pay with personal cheque or cash. If paying with a cheque, then please address it to “instaSod.com.” By paying with cash or cheque, you will receive a 3% price reduction by avoiding the interchange fees that we are charged by the credit/debit card companies.

Additional FAQ's About the Measuring Process

A) How do I measure the area of my lawn?


All you'll need is a basic tape measure and your phone's calculator. Your goal is to determine how many square feet of sod you need. By multiplying together the width and the length, you'll learn number of square feet within that area. This can be done by just about anyone.

B) What if my yard is irregularly shaped?


Not everyone's lawn is a perfect rectangle, but by breaking up your lawn into smaller sections, the area of your lawn can still be obtained. Visually split up your lawn into a couple of different sections, and measure those sections, one at a time. It's much easier than you might think.

C) How exact do I need to be when measuring?


The best answer is to the nearest (100) square feet so you can more accurately decide how many pallets you'd like Ito have installed. We install sod on a per-pallet (or per-500 square feet) basis, so based on your measurements, select how many pallets you'd like: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. 

D) What if I need a partial pallet to be exact?


Typically, the industry standard is to only work with full pallets, not partial pallets. We agree. Here's a demonstrative example: when taking measurements, you come to 1,750 square feet (or, 3.5 pallets), which leaves you with two options:

  1. Either request (3) pallets, and make some adjustments to the landscape (ie: slightly increase the size of the surrounding garden beds, save some of the best parts of the existing lawn, or just have a small reduction in the size of the future lawn)...
  2. Or, request (4) pallets. Then, with the extra half of a pallet, we can either slightly increase the size of your lawn, use the extra pieces on a different part of your property, or give them away to a friend or neighbor (if you don't know anyone, we have many contacts who are always interested in a few pieces of free sod). Better still: we have built relations with a few local Non-Profit Organizations, to which you can donate your extra sod - and even receive a tax write-off receipt!

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